The College Student’s Guide to Eco-Friendly School Supplies

I'm sure that every environmentally conscious college student has run into countless dead ends when trying to find school supplies that are not all plastic or incredibly expensive. So, here are a few items that I found when trying to find materials that were made of mostly, if not fully recycled materials, as well as... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit About Recycling

I know when most people come across someone who is passionate about recycling or the environment, their initial thoughts are something along the lines of, "Oh yeah hippie, go ahead and recycle, you're not going to make a difference." or, "Get over yourself, you're not better than me because you recycle." I can assure you... Continue Reading →

Getting Started With Recycling

I know that the idea of recycling can be quite intimidating, but my goal is to make your journey with the basics as simple and as inexpensive as possible! When it comes to recycling, it will vary quite a bit depending on the program that your city has in place. Some counties will require you... Continue Reading →

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