The College Student’s Guide to Eco-Friendly School Supplies

I’m sure that every environmentally conscious college student has run into countless dead ends when trying to find school supplies that are not all plastic or incredibly expensive.

So, here are a few items that I found when trying to find materials that were made of mostly, if not fully recycled materials, as well as having a minimal impact on the environment.

Another thing to consider is the fact that a lot of your school supplies can be created yourself, or reused. This may sound like an absurd thing to do, but when I’m finished with my notebooks I will erase each page and reuse it. It is no small task, but if it saves me another $8 why not?

Rather than buying a plastic pencil box or bag, you can easily sew your own!

Eco Pencil Highlighters

eco eco highlighter

I found these on amazon and at first glance, you may be turned off by the price tag, but it is really a great company and these things are HUGE, so they could very well be the last set of highlighters you ever need to buy.


  • No ink bleeding
  • Very bright and colorful
  • Because of their size, they last forever!
  • 6 colors AND comes with a wooden pencil sharpener
  • Made from sustainable wood from managed forests
  • Biodegradable and contain no plastic or harmful chemical compounds
  • Shipped in eco-friendly packaging


  • Price-about 20$ on Amazon

Onyx & Green Erasers

onyx erasers


  • Erases just as well as other erasers
  • Made from recycled materials
  • The ink is naturally sourced from soy
  • The packaging is partially recycled
  • 3 pack with 3 non-boring colors


  • Excessive plastic packaging
  • Slightly more expensive than traditional erasers

Onyx & Green Notebooks

onyx and green notebook


  • Made from sugar cane fibers, which is a waste/bi-product of sugar manufacturing
  • No trees have to be cut down for their production
  • Requires less water, less bleach, and less energy to create
  • Writes, erases, and feels the same as regular notebook paper
  • Recyclable


  • Price- Amazon has a 360 page, 5 subject notebooks for $7.99

Top-Flight Notebooks

new leaff


  • Recycled materials
  • Inexpensive
  • Cool designs on the front cover
  • Writes, feels, and erases the same as typical notebooks


  • None that I can see!

Guided Binders


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